About Rep The Set

To Rep the Set means to represent the new culture . The new culture moves forward with a new set of values • Commitment • Consistency • Respect
Match these values with your personal passion, no matter your field, you’ll live and experience endured success .

Our Pillars of Life

The 3 pillars of Life - Commitment, Consistency and Respect. Each of these pillars in the ‘R’ represents one of our values.

  • Commitment - In this age, we live with many distractions surrounding our lives... politics, social media, global issues, even our closest friends and family sometimes. At Rep the Set, we understand it can be hard, however we believe Commitment is the first step to success.


  • Consistency - Just as words mean nothing without action, Commitment means nothing without Consistency. It being the second ‘Pillar of Life’ value, we understand can be the hardest to implement into our everyday lives... however through the process of remaining Consistent to your Commitment, you will begin to see your success go forth in leaps and bounds.

  • Respect - The final pillar in our value system. We believe in the law of giving & receiving. For our endeavours to be respectable, we must keep it at the forefront of everything we do.. Respect the journey, Respect the process, and Respect yourself.

These values were created in hope that you will align with them and share them with your friends and family. We wish you the best on your journey of Commitment, Consistency and Respect.

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