Storyteller . Wordsmith , Leader

Born Sachém Parkin-Owens, (pronounced Say-Chem) a title given to an elected Native American chief from the Mohegan tribe in the North East of the US. A frontline leader, a voice for the people, Sachém is dedicated to fulfill the meaning of his name. As a spoken word poet, rapper and emerging singer, Sachém laces rhymes with personal stories, while touching on poignant social & cultural issues that have and continue to impact his life. 

Born on Meeanjin Country (also known as Brisbane), Sachem is the son of an
Indigenous mother, from Quandamooka Country and African American father.
Raised within two strong cultures, Sachem has a unique
perspective on the world and he proudly represents both sides of his roots.

Since winning the prestigious, Oodgeroo Noouccal Poetry Prize as a 17-year-old in
2017, he has turned his hand to writing lyrics laced through soulful rhythm. His music is tasteful, insightful, meaningful & a true reflection of the times we are living in. There is no
doubt that he is a young man on a mission, who is well on his way to mastering his
craft and on his way to producing a sound that resonates with souls, open minds
and move the hearts of people across the world from many walks of life.

Sachem is currently working on his Debut E.P 'Part of the Picture' due to be released in Winter 2020.


For now, click here to listen to Sachém